Come home to Davis High School

May 16, 2013 

Many of the issues mentioned in the May 12 article concerning Davis High School are simply a result of misperceptions, misinformation and rumors. I can solve all the problems, however, with one simple solution: Invite all of the 300 to 400 students who live in Davis High School's new attendance boundaries but are attending or planning to attend a different school to please enroll in Davis for 2013-14. Davis will be immediately transformed into one of the strongest, most competitive high schools in the area.

I believe in our students and our staff. Everyone, come home to Davis, talk to us about what you want improved, and we will work with the district office to create the best little high school in town.

Imagine Escalon or Oakdale losing one-quarter of their students. Not only would their high schools look vastly different, but the community would be outraged. That is what has happened to Davis. So come on back to the bumpy-walled, friendly high school conveniently located at Rumble and Tully roads. Come together with your neighbors and make Davis the heart of a vibrant community. We will raise championship banners in the gym, send students off to elite colleges, and enjoy sports, plays, and activities right in our own neighborhood.



Editor's note: The author is a teacher at Davis High School.

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