Make our economy run year-round

May 16, 2013 

The economy is still miserable. Here in the Central Valley, where the recession hit hardest, we are still deeper than the rest. While the region may be breathing a sigh of relief as seasonal employment kicks in, that isn't enough. The valley economy, particularly Modesto's, is structurally unsound.

Because Modesto does so little to attract high-profile business, it's no wonder that the best and brightest go to prestigious universities and seldom return. Who and what is willing to stop the brain drain? How will the Modesto and valley economy ever prosper year-round, not just seasonally?

There is a group here ready and willing to change it. Young Modestans For Jobs is dedicated to cultivating and preserving the professional talent base in Modesto and making Modesto more than an agricultural community. Young Modestans for Jobs is dedicated to a creating economic growth and utilizing our young, educated work force to strengthen our community.

Young Modestans for Jobs believes that Modesto can be more than beholden to seasonal whims. Without these necessary changes, Modesto and the valley will continue to flounder. It's time for change.


Young Modestans for Jobs


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