Nixon's lie vs. Obama's, Clinton's

May 15, 2013 

I enjoyed the political cartoon about whistle-blowers in the May 14 paper. As soon as I saw the elephant, it reminded of all the pressure that was being put on Richard Nixon to resign for his lying and illegal acts as the president.

Not only is a Democratic president in hot water, but a former secretary of state needs to answer the American public for lying under oath regarding the tragedy at Benghazi.

Interestingly, Hillary Clinton was fired from the team that was investigating Nixon for lying. Is it possible that lying is a prerequisite for becoming a politician? Or does lying run in the Clinton family?

I do not know which was worse, Hillary lying to the nation or asking the insulting question, "What difference does it make?" when referring to how the American ambassador and military staff died at Benghazi.

The only remaining question is whether Hillary and President Barack Obama will do the right thing, as Nixon did? To be fair, most people lie now and then.

However, it is a crime when the secretary of state lies under oath and the president lies to the American people. Or are the rules and laws different for Democrats?



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