Hey, remember the WMD lie?

May 15, 2013 

I see House Republicans are going full bore on the Benghazi attacks, trying to turn a possibly bungled handling of an unfortunate situation by the military and intelligence community into another Watergate scandal.

But let's not forget Republicans have had their own difficulties over the years. Do weapons of mass destruction ring a bell? Or how about the doubling of U.S. debt during the George W. Bush administration?

Republicans are strangely quiet on these issues, but one was the pretext for starting a needless war costing over $1 trillion and nearly 6,000 American lives, and the other was shamelessly instituting large yearly deficits in order to give tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy, which didn't create many jobs and helped precipitate the 2008 Great Recession.

And this coming from politicians who now publicly decry excessive government spending and deficits.

Instead of engaging in a McCarthy-style witch hunt to give a president a bad name, perhaps they should reflect on their own history.



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