Three angels came to save me

May 13, 2013 

I want to bring to your attention three amazing young men and their random act of kindness to me. On May 2, I was driving on Standiford Avenue and my car ran out of gas. As I stood there stalled in the middle of the road, people kept honking and yelling. Realizing that no one was going to help me, I got out of my car and tried to push it myself. Out of nowhere a kind woman and her 8-year-old daughter started helping me push my car through traffic, still being honked and screamed at.

Just when I thought we could not push any more, three young men came out of nowhere and took over for the young woman and her daughter. When we finally got to the gas station I was in tears and speechless. Three angels had come to my rescue.

These fine young men, brothers Nate and Drew Loya and their friend Ray Lomas, went above and beyond the call of any decent human being and made sure that I was OK. Random acts of kindness are something that this world needs daily.



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