Ticket loud motorbikes

May 10, 2013 

I have a concern as to why these excessively loud motorcycles, which now seem to be everywhere on our streets and roadways, are not ticketed. It seems to be the practice of this more-than-over-the-hill group of riders who own these large, clumsy motorcycles to illegally remove the exhaust pipe muffler baffles that come installed from the factory, in order to tremendously increase the noise of their machines.

Removing these baffles is a violation of the California Vehicle Code Section 27151(a), and they should be cited. By removing their muffler baffles, they not only break the law, but also subject the public to ear-damaging decibel levels in what seems to be a juvenile attempt to call attention to themselves.

Have you ever noticed how quiet police motorcycles are? That is because they follow the law and don't remove the exhaust pipe muffler baffles.



Editor's note: We asked the California Highway Patrol about this problem. The response:

"While officers tend to focus on vehicle code sections that cause injury or death (i.e. speeding, seat belt, distracted driving, DUI, unsafe lane change, following too closely, etc.) when an officer encounters a vehicle with and equipment violation, the officer may write that driver a fix-it ticket to correct the violation.

If the driver does not correct the violation, then it can progress to a normal ticket that goes through the court process.

Many times, these violations are really noticeable in residential areas that the CHP does not typically patrol. It is harder to notice these types of violations on freeways, where there is more sound to drown out the muffler."

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