Fire YCCD chancellor, board

May 9, 2013 

On or about Feb. 28, the president of Columbia College, Dennis Gervin, was fired by Chancellor Joan Smith and the Yosemite Community College District board. Gervin's 18-year association with Modesto Junior College and Columbia College came to an end. It was stated that Gervin was given two months pay and benefits starting Feb. 28.

On April 29, the chancellor and board rehired Gervin as president of Columbia College and then immediately fired him again. Reason given: The chancellor and YCCD board did not follow the Brown Act in removing a contracted employee from his position in February. Gervin now has two more months' pay and benefits.

Wow, the chancellor and board sure know how to do a great job of managing and spending taxpayer dollars in these hard times! I wouldn't be surprised if a lawsuit will follow — more money paid out for bad decisions made by the chancellor and board.

Who should really be removed from their job in this fiasco? Maybe the YCCD board and the chancellor that were so overwhelmingly delighted with their candidate choice on July 1, 2011, and appointed Gervin president of Columbia College.



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