Honoring those in that thin blue line

May 8, 2013 

Given the painful misgivings of my past, I thanked God many years ago for a paradigm shift regarding my perception of law enforcement. I am thankful for the men and women in blue of Stanislaus County who have played a great role in facilitating that shift.

It was piercing recently when I learned that I had known some of those killed here in the line of duty.

At the May 1 Memorial Service for Peace Officers in our area, I stood and watched a league of horses and their riders, badge-over- heart, parade past the memorial at Lakewood Park. Each horse was entranced with an eyes- front order. However, it was the riderless horse only, which turned in stride, without prompting, to face the wreath placed for the fallen peace keepers. How amazing!

Former Modesto Police Chief Mike Harden best epitomized my view: The men and women in law enforcement represent a thin blue line between peace and total anarchy.

We are glad you are here. Our prayers continue for you, your families and for the peace of our community.


Greater Glory Community Church


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