Concerns about Turlock City Council member

May 7, 2013 

Amy Bublak

Amy Bublak, candidate for Turlock City Council.

UNKNOWN — unknown

I have followed government actions and policies most of my life; to me it is imperative that we are aware of what decisions and actions are being made on our behalf. I have a few concerns about our local government I feel should be addressed.

I am concerned when Turlock City Council member Amy Bublak seems to take credit for projects other people have promoted. The Business Incentive Program was first introduced in fall 2010. It was rejected and sent back to be "reviewed." Only when Sharon Silva came back and made the presentation at a later council meeting did the council support the idea. Bublak should refrain from taking credit for projects other people made successful.

Bublak talks about being fiscally conservative, but she seems to be willing to vote to spend taxpayer money to benefit her small group of large donors.

Is Bublak fiscally conservative? It seems she overspent on her two campaigns. We need to follow our elected officials' voting records closely and make sure they represent all our interests — not just a selected few.



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