Bowling will help new Boys and Girls Club of Stanislaus County

May 7, 2013 

— The 13th annual Benefit Bowl at McHenry Bowl kicks off with three squads on May 18. This year the "Benefit Bowl" will help raise money for the newly formed Boys and Girls Club of Stanislaus County.

Each team will bowl two games with chances to spin the wheel for prizes. A silent auction, prize drawings, a T-shirt and a BBQ lunch are included in the fun, starting with squads at noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Bowling skills are not required for this family event, just a willingness to support a good cause.

Teams of four can include adult and youth bowlers. To sign up, call Pam at (209) 571-2695.

Jim Bass and Manuel Frade each rolled an 835 to tie for the men's title in the McHenry No-Tap Tournament. Russell Sanborn was next at 830. Kathy Wesley won in the ladies division with an 824 set. Mary Eccleston (789) was second, followed by Betty Gerritsen (772).

Rose Baker, Jeri Eresman and Carol Hancock teamed to win the Ladies Trio Tournament at McHenry with a 2,386 total. Fran Lockwood, Carol Riggs and Barbara Webb (2,367) were next followed by Anja DeBoer, Angie Bosio and Sandy Pastorelli (2,294).

The Ladies Luncheon No-Tap rolls Friday at Yosemite at 9:30 a.m. The trio event is open to all ladies.

Looking for a little exercise and a place to avoid the heat? Summer leagues are starting next week for adults, seniors and youth. League bowling provides exercise and competition in a relaxed setting. Leagues are available for beginners to advanced bowlers with schedules posted online. Go to or call (209) 571-2695 for McHenry; go to or call (209) 524-9161 for Yosemite Bowl. Summer leagues usually run through August.

It's tournament time for leagues ending at both centers. The Pot-of-Gold caps off Yosemite's winter season with half of the teams eligible for prizes of up to $1,000. At McHenry, the Tournament of Champions is taking place with the winning teams guaranteed $1,000. The Cellar Dwellers Tournament, also at McHenry, gives those teams at the bottom of their leagues a chance to compete for the "Best of the Worst" title. Call the bowling centers for times and eligibility.

The book is open for the 64th Peach Classic at McHenry Bowl. The Peach is one of the largest singles tournaments in the country. It is a five-game handicap event, with seven separate prize lists. It starts May 25 and roll every weekend through July 28. Squad times are noon, 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Squads have also been set up for Memorial Day, Monday, May 27 at the same times. Call (209) 571-2695 to sign up.

Local Bowling Scores

McHenry Bowl

• ADULT LEAGUES — Mixed Match Point: Harold Walker 258, Paul Frank 937, Donnie Miller 218. Monday Madness: Gary Pattee 268, Steve Curry 726, Helen Wolf 551, Terri Alexander 209. Del Rio Jet Vegas: Dave Wilson 278/676, Sheila puscuzna 222/580. Scratch Trios: Jim Bolme 290, James Brodie 1015, Lorie Bolme 279, Tara Riddle 1005. Tuesday Triples: Terry McBride 226/624, Cindy James 225/600. Midwinter: Chris Rosenke 227/627, Jan Kirkpatrick 150, Darla Towner 150. Duke n Duchess: Scott Duncan 258/693, Deann Smoke 214/552. Paramount: Josh Stanford 244, James Ford 662, Vanessa Duenas 209/525. El Dorado: Robert Garcia 266/701. Wednesday Vets: George Burrows 247/648, Joanne Danielsen 152. Midweek Madness: Adrian Davalos 220/583, Sue Sprenger 225/644. Reno Mixed: Jim Bass 241, Jay Faughn 642, Linda Faughn 225/626. Empress Pioneer: Joyce Hebert 203, Carol Erickson 203/525. Wednesday Mixed 5's: Dale Stambaugh 267, Larry Lund 267, Freddy Irvin 704, Bre Sandoval 236/639. Stardusters: Elmira Jones 181. El Portal: Chris Magana 211, Ruth Sonke 518. School Daze: Paul Buttler 150, Janice Guenther 182/505. Federal: Derek Tull 254/671. City Employees: John Hansen Jr. 258/694, Cheri Johnson 252/627. Suburban: Phil Harvey 267, George Doo 671, Lyida Herd 213, Denise Draper 520. Black Oak Classic: John Veenstra 290, Freddy Irvin 984, Kayley Olvera 248/918. Friday Veterans: WC Lee 269, Bill Click 673, Lina Carlson 190. Sundowners: Darrell Coleman 268, Randy Mills 728, Cindy Greay 203, Kathy Steveson 549. Weekenders: Eddie Waring 766, Mike Crain 278, Michelle Brasher 238/637. Memorial: Nick Smith 245/606, Diane Feichtmeir 170.

• SENIOR LEAGUES — Friendly Villagers: Gordon Ahart 201/571, Mary Lou Lucero 169, Karel Ahart 169. Homewood Village: Raymond Whittler 248/648, Leona Stuit 225/523. Young at Heart: Ray Vegas 247/627, Ruth Johnson 201/520. Cross Point: Terry McBride 230, David Castro 633, Angie Bosio 226/532. Prime Timers: Robert Moore 248/679, Mary Eccleston 176.

• YOUTH LEAGUES — Saturday Bumpers: Tyler Wilson 82, Mary Murphy 70. Saturday Comics: Braden Osier 110, Nikolas Serrano 110, Jennifer Delise 142. Prime Rollers: Joseph Alcaraz 182, Sara Nassberg 257/561. Generation X: Peter Kennedy 266/686, Julia Serrano 223/590. Modesto Blind: Robert Anglin 150, Sarah Nidever 129.

Yosemite Lanes

• ADULT LEAGUES — Comet: Jim Taliaferro 277/728, Virginia Higle 246, Jan Rupp Vingneau 245/652. PBA: Jeff Warner 224, Jim Gordin 211/600, Sharon Aronson 246/656. Town n Country: Gary Riley 300, Freddy Irvin 753. Classic Trios: Rick Bates 279, Jim Gordon 279, Myles Duty 276/1031 Carol Serpa 215/794. Guys & Gals: Kevin Bingham 266, Sean Gilman 694 Sheri Gravelle 213/557. Telco: David Eckhardt 278, Manuel Andrade 707. Mexican American: Brad Beckner 236/667, Ronnie Alvarado 257, Betty Bridge 223, Pam Marquez 223, Joan Thornton 222/626. Gallo: Ron Gilbert 279/721, April Walker 215/569, Brenda Sandoval 220. Road Runners: Kyle Guido 171, Marissa Esquedo 133. Staikoff Classic: Mike Alves 300, Dwayne Hunter 278/750. Yosemite Majors: Donnie Marquart 300, Jason Dewar 300, Ray Swickard Jr 300. Reno: Criag Green 252, Mark Trudell 248/672, Evy Fillman 189, Moncia Norseen 177/522. Sunday Fun Mixers: Jake Hall 279/803, Tina Munson 235/676.

• SENIOR LEAGUES — Hiz and Herz: Ray Gamble 237/649, Ruth Deboard 162, Pat Devore 154/441. Young @ Heart: Cliff Marceau 235/673, Phyllis Peiffer 194/466. National Classic: Bob Neuerburg 258/731, Charlie Nishiguchi 269, Marcie Ingalls 182/543, Roxanne Grubb 205. Scratch Trios: Sonny Rempfer 235, Eric Showalter 214/626, Jan Rupp Vigneau 212/565.

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