Modesto Junior College change an attack on the arts

May 7, 2013 

From 1924 to 2008, Modesto Junior College has had a full-time choral professor as one of the three essential foundations of the Music Department (band, orchestra and choir). The MJC administration has chosen for the fifth year to not hire a full-time professor. Instead, they hope to have part-time instructors work full-time hours without commensurate pay or benefits.

This is immoral behavior and is clearly a social injustice. Collegiate-level programs are run by full-time faculty, not part-time wage slaves that are being exploited. This is another example of shortsighted policy and an attack on the arts. Music is critical to the human experience. Students at MJC benefit from the music program, as does our community. The Cappella Palooza festival at the Gallo Center is a clear example.

Support the arts and collegiate music excellence by telling MJC administration and Yosemite Community College District board members that this social injustice should not be tolerated.



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