Preserving Yosemite park is important

May 7, 2013 

I wholeheartedly support the April 25 op-ed by John Buckley calling for protection of Yosemite National Park as it creates the Wild and Scenic River Management Plan. The Wild and Scenic River law calls for removal of facilities that are not essential to the protection and enhancement of the river. Remove the facilities in the river corridor.

Present park management is intent on increasing attendance in the park to increase the profit of the concessionaire. The mission of the park service is to protect and preserve the park's unequaled natural attributes. Golf and tennis can be played anywhere. These do not belong in the river corridor.

The park is under a court order to reduce congestion and improve the visitor experience. Adding new campgrounds and parking will only have a negative effect.

Visitors from all over the world deserve a world-class experience. The critters and the natural wonders that draw so many visitors need protection. The plans implemented now will guide the park for years. It is crucial to get it right! If an error is to be made, make it in the direction of protecting the park for the future, not short-term profit.


chairman of the Tuolumne Group, Sierra Club


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