Teen review: Young-adult series 'Homelanders' wraps up

Teens in the Newsroom ProgramMay 7, 2013 

Andrew Klavan's latest young-adult series, "The Homelanders," is action-packed.

The series begins with "The Last Thing I Remember." Charlie West, a seemingly ordinary 17-year-old, wakes up in a strange room strapped to a chair as people threaten to kill him. The last thing he remembers is going to sleep in his house. The other titles are "The Final Hour," "The Truth of the Matter" and "The Long Way Home."

"The Homelanders" series will have you on the edge of your seat throughout its four books as Charlie tries to figure out what happened to him and how to get out of that room alive. It has a Christian viewpoint and a good moral: that fighting for what you believe is more important than personal gain. I recommend this series to teenagers who like thrilling books.

Klavan puts his Christian faith into his writing and shows how God can work in your life. His excellent writing has details that can make you feel as if you were there and scenes that will make you gasp in horror.

Overall, this is one of the best teen thrillers out there and definitely one of my favorite books.

Rose Sellman is a freshman at Connecting Waters Charter School and a member of the Teens in the Newsroom Program.

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