Christ's views a basis for morality

May 6, 2013 

It's time to call a time-out in politics. It's time to turn off Sean Hannity and Bill Maher. It's time to go deeper than political ideology.

What we really need is a substantive philosophical conversation. Why? Because we have abandoned the metaphysical foundation on which our ethical understanding of human dignity and social justice (or anything else, really) is based upon. We can't live — politically or practically — like there is no transcendent ethical order. We have tried that course, and our recent cultural and political situation (not to mention daily living) has proven it untenable.

Those of us who follow Christ contend that the Judeo-Christian understanding of the human person is not only absolutely true, but that it is useful in providing this metaphysical foundation for the ordering of a just and compassionate society. This doesn't mean we abandon our convictions about religious freedom or advocate for a theocracy. But since laws are, by nature, the legislation of an ethical understanding, then we must root our ethical understanding somewhere. Reformers like William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King Jr. would agree and point us to the rich soil of the Christian worldview to place our roots.



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