El Viejo project doomed in Modesto

May 4, 2013 

Downtown Post Office

JEFF JARDINE / jjardine@modbee.com Developer Peter Janopaul III wants to convert the old El Viejo Post Office at 12th and I streets in downtown Modesto into 10 three-story lofts and a penthouse for residential use.

JEFF JARDINE — Modesto Bee

Regarding Jeff Jardine's column "El Viejo condos out, law firm in" (May 2, Local News): Modesto gets scammed again, and it deserves it for being morons. A corporation gets formed to buy the place, yet the head of the corporation puts up no money, just his "expertise"?

If I'm a potential investor in this, I'm already out — are you kidding me? You don't partner up with someone who has no skin in the game. That's Common Sense 101.

It's no surprise that one of the plaintiffs here is an attorney. We already know the outcome here because we've seen this movie so many times: The law firm may or may not move in ... then no other tenants will because who, with a modicum of brains would open a new business in downtown Motown today?

So a year from today we'll have another graffiti-covered, half- empty eyesore in downtown Modesto. Nice.



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