Why not ask to see gun permits at Modesto meeting?

May 1, 2013 

BA Juliani Found 7

(BART AH YOU/bahyou@modbee.com) - A San Luis and Delta Mendota Water Authority worker found a body matching the description of missing 4 year old Juliani Cardenas in the Delta Mendota Canal in Santa Nella, Tuesday morning. Sheriff Adam Christianson gathered with the media for a press conference in front of the Patterson City Hall, Tuesday afternoon. February 1, 2011

BART AH YOU — Modesto Bee

Sheriff Adam Christianson may have missed a golden opportunity at his recent Madison Society appearance.

Why didn't he Mirandize the room and make the folks produce those civilian gun permits?

Sure, you can rely on a show of hands when you are dealing with a crowd of "good moral character," but you never know who will show up at a seed company.

The sheriff might have snagged the odd armed person with no permit and used the fines to help fund chasing those gang members.



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