Why the sagging pants?

May 1, 2013 

I just finished reading "So, does this outfit make me look rude?" (April 28, LifeStyles) and, believe me, it hits the nail on the head. I am wondering what a woman is thinking when she wears a top that shows almost as much of her breasts as her husband or significant other sees. You know what I mean.

Something else I don't understand is young guys, for the most part I'm thinking high school age, wear their pants- shorts down below their bottom and generally look like they just don't have any sense, and they expect their girlfriend to look like she just stepped out of an ad for Macy's or another fine store.

I was in line at a restaurant and asked the couple in front of me about that and they had no idea. He was dressed in a T-shirt and shorts that were up above his bottom. and his girlfriend was dressed like the requested Macy's model. If someone reads this who wears his pants down below his bottom, will you please write and tell me why, so maybe I can understand?



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