Miller's Place offered needed care in Modesto

April 30, 2013 

EC BoD Diane01

ED CRISOSTOMO/ Volunteer Diane Carter, right, 62, encourages Geneva Beal, 73 at DMC Foundation Miller's Place Adult Day Health Care Center on Wednesday afternoon (11-14-12) in Modesto CA. Diane Carter says this place is God sent I've been help here during my recovery from a stroke. I now volunteer and help here, its my way of giving back.


Thank you, Cari States, (April 21) for your excellent words regarding Miller's Place. Your family is amazing for donating so much time to this wonderful group and to its clients. You started at age 10; that is remarkable.

My mother-in-law was a part of the program when they were on Miller Avenue and my husband used the facility on McHenry Avenue. I am so sorry that funding was cut, that people have lost their jobs and this much-needed care is no longer.

Thank you to all that helped make Miller's Place the much-needed service that it was. I can only hope that something similar will emerge to take its place. There is a need.



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