Modesto water users should pay real cost

April 29, 2013 


TRACY BARBUTES / The Modesto Irrigation District offices in downtown Modesto, Calif., on October 10, 2011.

TRACY BARBUTES — Modesto Bee Buy Photo

Glen Wild says it like it is ("Irrigators should pay own way," April 21 commentary). That happens too rarely today by those that make big decisions. Water has become the gold of the 21st century. People have and will continue to try to steal it.

What MID management is doing is nothing short of theft. It is Robin Hood in reverse, taking from those who have no say and giving to those with influence and political clout.

Agriculture is in a very healthy condition statewide and nationwide. Conveyance is transportation; users of our water should at least pay the full tariff for freight. Give the commodity to them for a short time and then let them pay the full load. This way they will feel like they are getting a deal, and they are.

If this doesn't happen within a reasonable time, then I hope it goes to court and this practice is found unconstitutional and all those responsible at least have to seek employment elsewhere. I can't imagine what would happen if we, as consumers of MID power, would all just forget to pay the 3 percent to subsidize the users of almost free water.



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