Pressure cooker legislation in California?

April 27, 2013 

Tongue in cheek: It has been rumored that after the bombings in Boston, the California Legislature has in an attempt not to be out done by any other state intend to pass several new laws pertaining to pressure cookers:

• All pressure cookers shall be registered.

• All present owners of pressure cookers must pass a background check.

• All present owners of cookers must pass a test on the proper use of cookers and register their cookers.

• No person may lend or sell their cooker without the permission of the state; a permit and fee will be required.

• All cookers must be stored with their lids in a separate drawer in a different part of the kitchen, so that no untested person might use the cooker; after all it might save just one life.

Stupid? Indeed, but much like the gun laws being now considered in California. It will just make criminals of people who were law-abiding citizens before.

With criminals being released now because our jails and prisons are too full,where are they going to put all the new criminals who were innocent before the new laws were passed?



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