Microchip felons' heads

April 26, 2013 

Put microchips in the heads of felons and you would know everything they think, say and do. Redirect taxpayer money to controlling the actions of felons instead of rewarding them by giving them everything free. They don't have to pay rent, bills, child support, alimony or anything else. They are living in a haven — free television, patio and furniture. What more does everyone want to give them?

Revamp the prison system. Lesser felons to be released with a microchip and can possibly be controlled. Institute a hard labor program for the more serious felonious acts, such as pedophilia males who create life and then doesn't want anything to do with it and murderers; also, those who commit elder abuse.

Does any of this make sense to anyone or just me? Releasing 100 felons would create jobs for the coherent elderly and the disabled as monitors. Come on, people, think about it.



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