Christians hate only sin

April 26, 2013 

Liberals many times falsely accuse Christians of being intolerant and full of hate. Instead, we have a hatred toward sin, not people. Some people accuse Christians of being homophobic, but we do not have the fear that if a homosexual sneezes or coughs on us we could become a homosexual.

Many people say that homosexuals should have the same right to get married as a man and woman or equal protection. However, people who do wrong do not have the same rights as people who do right. A cancer research company did a study on the cause of homosexuality and came to the conclusion that it is a gene that is responsible. However, my question is: Why would a cancer research company do research on something other than cancer unless they were given money to do so? If they were given money by a homosexual group or individual, could this have influenced their conclusion that a gene is responsible?



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