Designate a wall for Modesto's graffiti artists

April 24, 2013 

The many letters about graffiti and murals started me thinking. Maybe the city could construct a large wall. The land could be donated and costs could be raised with donations. Young artists could register to use the wall to show off their art. It could be changed every other month or every three months. To sign on to qualify to use the wall, people would have to prove no gang affiliation, no active warrants, etc.

This could help young artists show off their talents, give them a reason to stay out of trouble and give them something to focus on. The valley does not offer much for young people to get involved in. This could be a good outlet for artists.

It would be exciting to see each new creation.

Youth could organize groups that plan each new display and work as teams. Or individuals alone could show off what they do. Groups could organize fund-raisers to get the money for paints and supplies. There are many possibilities.

The graffiti wall goes along with Modesto's theme and would be a great addition.

I hope someone reads this and sets my idea in motion!



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