On wall art, we can take a hint from Europe

April 24, 2013 

My son-in-law is an Air Force sergeant and a graffiti artist. He is stationed in Germany, where he made his graffiti debut in the city of Mainz at an event called Meeting of Styles. He has been invited to paint in other events in Europe which are sponsored and advertised. Walls and spray paint are provided and the public comes to watch. I was surprised to see the colorful, glossy brochures proclaiming international wall-painting events.

Graffiti artists do some remarkable creative work. They use special equipment with specific nozzles, painting masks and paint preferences. Many have legal walls to paint, and friends with similar interests all over the world.

There will always be taggers that leave their mark around town, like a dog lifting its leg to mark territory. Gangs and children like this technique, but these are not true graffiti artists.

Everyone has their own viewpoint, and I from my viewpoint applaud John Gunderson's creative attitude. We have a graffiti celebration; why not have some good murals in our city?



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