We'll need our guns to kill terrorists

April 22, 2013 

I hope the liberal Democrats in this country are proud of themselves trying to disarm the American people after what happened at the Boston Marathon.

We are at war with terrorism right here at home and we choose not to deal with it in a manner these people understand. These terrorists and the radical Muslims, North Korean and Iranian leaders understand one thing and one thing only, and that is power.

Yet we choose not to offend these people. Offend? Kill 'em all. It will eventually come down to them or us. I choose us.

We better step up and tell this gutless wonder of a president to demand the respect earned by this country and to protect America. Our troops have died all over the world, died not only for a lot of ungrateful Americans but for the freedom of other countries. And for what? What happened in Boston? What will it take to wake up, America? A nuclear device in Boston?

Keep your guns, America. We are going to need them.



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