Killing terrorists saves innocent lives

April 22, 2013 

The media uses several terms to describe terrorists — insurgents, militants, extremists and rebels. These terms are not the same as being a terrorist. Terrorists kill or plot to kill innocent people. That's what they do. There are no innocent terrorists. They use terror as an instrument to further their causes.

If a person is sympathetic to their cause, it doesn't make them a terrorist. If a person has plotted, planned, or acted out for this cause, then they are a terrorist.

Not long ago the media was worried that one of our citizens, who was a terrorist, had been targeted for death in a foreign country. He was killed by a drone strike.

An Aug. 15 Bee editorial questioned the president's use of drones to kill terrorists other than al-Qaida because they were not a threat to the United States. The next day a string of car bombings killed 55 people in Iraq. These were innocent people.

If we kill terrorists in Pakistan, with the aid of their government even though their government denies giving us the authority, so be it. We can kill terrorists with drones and save lives; sounds good to me.



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