ON CAMPUS: Test tension tips for teachers

Posted by Nan Austin on April 17, 2013 

— This week is testing time for lots of districts, the most stressful weeks of the year on campus. Inspired by the website TestTakingTips.com come these ideas for school grown-ups:

1. Take a deep breath and count to ten -- by twos or fives if it helps.

2. Stand and stretch, take a short walk around the classroom.

3. Smile, even if the happy has to kick in later.

4. Stop and smell the roses – notice small positives, chuckle freely.

5. Know your limits. It’s OK to say no.

6. Acquit yourself – sometimes poop happens.

7. Seek calm. Easy tunes, the Serenity Prayer – find your own tension talisman.

8. When you need help, get help. Talk to a friend or fellow knotted-neck proctor.

9. Come prepared: rest, eat healthy, exercise.

10. After school take a nap, zone out with a movie, soak in a hot bath …

Rinse. Repeat, until testing days are done.

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