Modesto bank sign detracts from downtown art

April 16, 2013 



Recently, downtown Modesto gained a very nice mural on a wall that houses our Chamber of Commerce. Aaron Vickery has shown that he can do world-class work and this particular mural shows an interesting view on perspective.

While the mural is fantastic, the sign that belongs to Union Bank is very much an obstruction that detracts. Of course Union Bank has a wonderful logo and all, but Modesto has gained something that is even more wonderful, a depiction of a '57 Bel Air in red and chrome. With many in Modesto wishing to draw attention to our "American Graffiti" heritage, I think it would be a good thing to let Union Bank know that the mural is preferred to their sign. Perhaps if explained tactfully they would understand and move with our drive to make downtown more attractive.

I had contacted the management at the J Street branch and was told that there was nothing he could do. When faced with answers like that you go to the upstairs office and voice the concern:

Union Bank, N.A.

400 California St. 13th Floor

San Francisco 94104


Modesto city councilman, District 1


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