WorkWise Blog Tip: Police, anyone?

culp@workwise.netApril 14, 2013 

“Hiring for police work is very different from hiring in other career paths,” reports RJ, a police officer using a pen name ( “In the end, though, it does all boil down to whether you’ve prepared yourself for your career choice.”

RJ marvels at some of the people interviewing to become police men and women. One man, for example, announced that he knew why his own crimes of theft went unsolved, which meant he’d be good at catching criminals.

A woman whose formal education stopped with a high school diploma felt that her background wouldn’t be a barrier, because she never missed an episode of “CSI,” both Las Vegas and Miami.

A man who was nervous about his interview had some drinks to calm down. “We had him on video driving into our parking lot,” RJ mentions. “He was arrested on DUI charges.”

In this occupation the employer tends to do background work prior to interviewing. “We want to verify the person’s answers to questions,” RJ says. “We also run an applicant’s record. I’ve seen multiple instances of people with arrest warrants coming in to interview.” Facebook pages with negative remarks about police and other inappropriate messages don’t sit well either. Dr. Mildred Culp welcomes your questions at

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