How is Obama to blame for levees?

April 8, 2013 

I was shocked to read how Obama is letting our levees deteriorate. I searched the Internet for facts to support my outrage. Surprisingly, while the federal government was involved in building the levees, upon completion of construction "the general upkeep of project levees was turned over to local entities." This confused me. If the maintenance of the levees is the responsibility of local entities, how is their deterioration the responsibility of the president?

Actually, I was not confused. This was a blatant attempt to generate an irrational hatred of our president, an act well beneath the stature of the Bee.

Instead, the column inches could have been used to make the case the Central Valley economy is a valuable asset to the nation and is deserving of national support. It is not a difficult argument to make with the volume of food we produce and the size of our economy. Once made, The Bee could then ask what efforts Jerry Brown, Jeff Denham, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Anthony Cannella, Tom Berryhill and Kristin Olsen are making to obtain federal funding. If they are not making this funding a priority, they are the ones who should be held accountable.



Editor's Note: The federal government, through the Army Corps of Engineers, provides partial funding for most flood control projects, including levees. The Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency fortified 18 miles of levees in the Natomas basin; the Corps of Engineers has not come through with its share to complete the project.

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