WorkWise BlogTip: Many job seekers do themselves a disservice

culp@workwise.netMarch 31, 2013 


Mark Kaye seems to think a lot of job seekers do themselves a disservice ( Some apparently wear hand-me-downs. He doesn’t recommend an interview suit your father (or mother) might have worn. If you’re thinking about it, take it to a tailor and watch his reaction when you hand it to him. Or line it up with suits at your dry-cleaner.

Kaye also says not to bring up vacation time in an interview. “You're unemployed,” he points out. “If you wanted time off, you wouldn’t be at a job interview.” While this advice is standard, there’s always an exception, like the self-promoting job seeker about to leave for a vacation in Mexico who got the job and the vacation.

“If they tell you they're running a background check,” Kaye says, “don’t ask, ‘How far back?’” Instead, bring up the statement you’ve been rehearsing explaining what they’ll find and how you’ve dealt with it.

Don’t replace handshakes with fist-bumps, he suggests, unless you and the interviewer are best friends, no one else is in the office and you’re not video conferencing. And while your every action may be of interest to your followers, Kaye advocates restraint at the thought of live-tweeting on the spot.

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