WorkWise BlogTip: Sleep is not always a friend

culp@workwise.netMarch 24, 2013 


Sleep is supposed to be a friend, but sometimes it works at cross-purposes. Tom Churm, after relocating to Germany from the United States, had run-ins over sleep (

He etched into his brain that his new job would “begin at the beginning of the month,” he says. Arriving on time, he found a locked door. He went to a nearby café to investigate. It was a holiday.

“So my first day at work involved me going to bed extra early the night before, then making the long way to work,” Churm comments, “only to discover that I could have been tucked away in my bed, sleeping in late.”

Another time he went into overtime doing manual labor and was looking for a way out. Scouring the Web for a job, he found a few postings and applied, then “was awakened by the unpleasant feeling of my keyboard embedding itself into my forehead,” he says.

A glance in the mirror showed “key indentations, lightly burrowed,” Churm reports. He remains mum about how the applications he submitted looked. When did you last feel you sleep when you don’t want to and don’t sleep when you do?

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