Gitmo superior to our jail

March 15, 2013 

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ELIAS FUNEZ/ - The DUI suspect is taken to the Stanislaus County Jail in downtown Modesto after being arrested in front of his home by Ceres police on Friday evening. (12-28-12)

ELIAS FUNEZ — Modesto Bee

It is evident all your reporting concerning law enforcement and jail facilities in Stanislaus County is always slanted favorably on the establishment. We never hear of these "understaffed, overworked" officers and deputies sending nine patrol cars to arrest one small lawbreaker. Gasoline, wages, time!

Yet at the safety center, men and women die of their ailments — not just addictions, as if that should make a difference — but of disease. They holler, cry, moan and beg for help as they die, and it falls on deaf ears. If a cellmate gets no sleep or relief, so what? He/she is nothing but a prisoner. Who cares?

Clinic? Don't be ridiculous!

As America's fear of God and resulting moral standards have declined, so has the respect for human life and humane sensibilities. Gone, too, is the intelligent monitoring and reporting of gutsy journalists to whom truth was everything. Now you are social columnists who heap praise on law enforcement, not for their actual service, but just for existing, as though that is all that's required.

Terrorists at Guantánamo Bay get superior care, food, computers, and medical care, and someone in local jails gets less care than a stray dog at the pound.



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