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culp@workwise.netMarch 3, 2013 


You know that you’ve learned something about interviewing if you can laugh about how you’ve done it. Steven Savage can (

A project manager and former programmer, Savage interviewed in a company where he’d be managing a documentation project. He was hyped for it, because “I’d always coped with bad documentation,” he says. “When asked why I wanted it, I responded essentially that my motivation was revenge on bad documentation.”

A pause and a chuckle from the interviewer made it appear as if Savage had a chance. Turned out, the guy didn’t laugh enough to want to hire him.

Savage must really have wanted to work at one company, because he interviewed three times in a two-year period, each time to new people in the HR department. He’s still hoping for a job there, it appears, because he reports, “No one remembers who I am. Probably explains something ...” Could that “something” be that the company is unstable?

With Savage as a last name, some employers link him to celebrities. “I actually have memorized the histories of different famous Savages and if anyone jokes about my name, I then recite the truths in turn,” he remarks. “It always makes me memorable.”

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