Republicans caused this

March 2, 2013 

Jeff Denham blames President Obama for sequester and our spending ("President's sequester solution ignores debt issue," Feb. 28, Opinions). Did not Republicans put a gun to the head of the economy, threatening default, and for the first time in our history causing the downgrade of our AAA credit rating?

George Bush's wars and Medicare Part D were never accounted for in any budget until Obama. I know that Obama also voted against a debt limit extension when he was a freshman senator. At that time, Democrats did not have a majority to actually cause a default. The Republicans like Denham do! And guess what folks, in a few short weeks they are going to do it again.

Say, don't many farmers, like Denham in the Central Valley, receive subsidies that they never paid for? I paid into the Social Security and Medicare they would like to cut. Don't they also employ undocumented labor for whom I have to pick up the cost of education, incarceration and medical care?



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