Catholic church a bastion of truth

February 25, 2013 

Frank Bruni's column "Despite glitz, papal voice a tad muffled" (Feb. 20, Opinions) is more than I can stomach.

His lack of respect for the church is sad. He says "the majority of Catholics" don't feel any duty to the pope's interpretation of doctrine or moral command. Yet even fallen away Catholics, or those who no longer attend Mass, still insist that they are Catholic — not just Christian in general or another denomination.

The papal selection process could hardly be compared to "Top Chef," as he suggests. But then he knows that. He simply wants the church to look as bad as possible to make his article look important.

One reason to establish the church in the first place was to provide a last word for settling disputes, and a power to discern and clarify the truth for its members. Without the church, anyone's opinion about what the Bible means is as good as anyone else's. But truth isn't based on opinion. Jesus said he was the truth. The church bases its teaching on truth alone, not on popular thinking.

Do you really think Bruni speaks for "the prayerful of this country?" Please give the Catholic church a break!



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