WorkWise Q&A: How can I choose between two good job offers?

culp@workwise.netFebruary 24, 2013 


Q: Dear Dr. Culp, It’s time to reinvent myself, because the field I’m in is contracting. Another field where I have experience seems to offer a great deal of opportunity; so I’ve been updating my skills, reading about it and speaking with people about it.

Getting an offer in that field hasn’t been the problem. I’ve had two. They’re both in good companies with good work environments. Compensation is fine, too. I’ve been stalling both recruiters, but I’ll need to make a decision soon.

Something is keeping me from deciding. I’ve gone to a great deal of trouble to get myself ready and I’ve enjoyed doing it. What’s holding me back?


A: Dear Indecisive, Think about how you felt in your interviews with the two companies. Were you excited about what you were discussing? Imagine how you’d feel if today the two companies called up and said they couldn’t hire you after all.

If you’re not enthusiastic, don’t make a “sensible” decision. Your heart isn’t in it. Go after a job you want, one with compatible people, mission and style. Meanwhile, pay attention to your gut.



Q: Dear Dr. Culp, When I job hunted two years ago, I felt that I used up my network. People were very nice and helpful, but it took me so long to find work that I think they got tired of hearing from me.

My company hasn’t survived the recession and we’ve been encouraged to start looking for other jobs. It isn’t clear which of us won’t survive the next round of layoffs. I feel just awful going back to my contacts this soon, but I didn’t choose the timing. How should I handle this problem?

Betwixt and Between

A: Dear Betwixt, Over the past two years you must have made some good contacts at or through your current company. You’ve mentioned nothing negative about your relationship with your boss. You must have a good co-worker, vendor and/or customer who could serve as a reference. They all probably have more up-to-date information about your work than the previous contacts.

What have you been doing outside of work? Where have you been using your skills in the community? Who there could be supportive?

Use your imagination and be resourceful. Look for at least three people around you who could provide fresh perspective about you.


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