California isn't so great, either

February 24, 2013 

Regarding "Texas isn't worth braggin' about" (Feb. 7, Editorial): You indicated that Texas is last in mental health and workers compensation coverage and first in executions, the number of uninsured residents, toxic releases, weather.

I would like to comment on your examples. California spends more per pupil than Texas but still has a poor rating. California has spent billions keeping convicted killers alive since 1978; would actually executing the killers be a bad thing?

California has bad drought conditions and they will only get worse. And earthquakes. And, lest, we forget, California has been under liberal Democratic control for decades and is billions in debt. Texas is not.

California unemployment is 10.8 percent. Texas is 6.1 percent. California is far behind in pension payments. Texas is not. Texas encourages business growth, while California ties business growth into a way to balance the budget, but in reality it chases away private sector jobs, the latest idea being a quixotic scheme to reduce the globe's atmospheric carbon.

California has more people on welfare than are working, and California spends about $10 billion on illegal aliens every year. Yeah, California is the place to be, especially if you are here illegally or don't want to work!



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