Modesto Virginia Corridor users not being cautious

February 19, 2013 

I am writing to touch on the Feb. 13 column "Virginia Corridor remains risky at rush hour." I find that most everyone who either rides a bike or jogs on those trails does not look for traffic, nor do they stop at the stop sign on the trail. They seem to continue on as if they do not have to stop for traffic.

As I drove on Granger today and approached the trail, I could see someone jogging who didn't stop at the stop sign. I honk my horn as I approach those trails because of their lack of being cautious.

I find that people who are on bikes are the worst. They are traveling fast, and I have not seen any of them ever stop at their stop sign. The car drivers are cautious, and I do not feel that we, as drivers, are to blame for their mistakes on the Virginia Corridor. They have a responsibility to look, watch and stop, and then proceed, if they have a stop sign.

They are not exempted from obeying the laws.



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