Did neighbors offer to help brothers?

February 14, 2013 

JBL Jarrell Demolish 6

JOAN BARNETT LEE/jlee@modbee@modbee.com The corner lot on Huntington Drive and Vicki Drive in Modesto, Ca. is pictured on Friday afternoon (02-08-13). The home of the Jarrell brothers was demolished Thursday by The City of Modesto because the brothers failed to remove debris from a July fire.


What a heartbreaking story about the brothers who lost their home on Huntington Street, a place they called home for 40 years ("Blight no more," Feb. 9, Page A-1). I am assuming the neighbors actually offered their time to help the brothers correct this problem before the city demolished their home. That would be the right thing to do, right?

It's so difficult to rally together to help a neighbor in need, but so very easy to call authorities and complain about your neighbor's problem affecting your home value. Forget about your home values, people, they are already down the tubes. What about your personal values, Huntington and Vicki Drive residents?

Shame on you and the city of Modesto for allowing this to happen.



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