WorkWise BlogTip: Job-hunting tactics are constantly evolving

culp@workwise.netFebruary 10, 2013 


The stream of job-hunting tactics never ebbs. While many tactics may not apply to you, they may inspire you to do something new. One tactic might help land you a job.

Here’s a really substantive tip. When investigating individual companies, dig beyond the company website to articles about how employees landed their jobs there, according to Kevin Marasco (

“While stalking a company online is okay,” he mentions, “stalking the hiring manager is not. You don’t want to be considered a stage 5 clinger.”

Marasco suggests using job search sites carefully. “Double-check that you’re not replying to a ‘missed connection’ inquiry on Craigslist,” he advises.

He also points out that your newly developed skill in barbequing steaks might not find a place in your LinkedIn profile. Skip a description of how you persuaded THE WORLD to attend.

Review your social media profile. Talking about your favorite cocktail isn’t likely to gain you employer support, Marasco wants you to know.

Finally, while your mobile may normally be glued to your ear when driving, pull over to the right and settle in when you have a digital interview. Marasco says not to digitize and drive.

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