Disappointed with actions of Riverbank council

February 10, 2013 


ELIAS FUNEZ/efunez@modbee.com Outgoing mayor Virginia Madueno gives her concession speach to those in attendance to Monday evening's (12-10-12) Riverbank City Council meeting, while (rear from left) City Clerk Annabelle Aguilar, City Manager Jill Anderson, Councilwoman Jeanine Tucker, Mayor Richard O'Brien, and City Attorney Thomas Hallinan, applaud from the dias.

ELIAS FUNEZ — The Modesto Bee

I find myself perplexed by the action- inaction of the Riverbank City Council. At the meeting in December, it was voted unanimously that the four members would not use a special election to fill the vacant position created by Richard O'Brien's election to mayor. They agreed this would be an expense the council could not justify. But after two subsequent meetings, the council is again split on the problem.

I believe the two council members who previously stated that a special election was not an option realized that in fact, this was the only way to get their candidate of choice, Virginia Madueño, back on the council. The application process they lobbied for in a previous meeting would result in a 2-2 vote about her.

As a Riverbank resident, I am very disappointed that the wishes of a few seem to be more important than the reputation and well-being of the city. As our mayor stated, "See you at the polls."



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