Buying toys isn't what bothers me

February 5, 2013 

In the letter "They earned the right to splurge" (Jan. 29), the writer remarked, "All the Democrats must be livid if they watched the Barrett-Jackson Auction with all those rich people buying cars. The original Batmobile sold for $4.2 million." I'm a Democrat and I'm not livid. I'm not even envious. I'm not interested in owning a million-dollar car.

What I am angry about is what another writer detailed in the letter "The wealthy prosper, the rest suffer"on the same day. Among other things, the writer said that corporate profits have grown significantly while worker wages have decreased. So people making the products, taking orders, packing purchases, making sales, processing paperwork, cleaning the premises and maintaining machinery, among many other jobs, are not seeing their wages increase.

If all these people walk out of the company they helped make successful, how much would the owners and CEOs be "earning"?



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