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culp@workwise.netFebruary 3, 2013 


Worried about an interview? Make it unlike any other.

An upcoming college freshman was interviewing for an internship. Ian Aronovich, the employer, detected promise (

Sailing through the interview, the applicant waited until the end to mention that his mother wanted to put in a word. “While I was a bit confused,” Aronovich says, “I obliged and he brought his mother in.”

Was she a stage mother?

Perhaps not. She was “very sweet,” proving to ace the interview she conducted with her son’s potential employer. Inspiring non-stop amazement, she asked a series of targeted questions.

Who worked there? What did the employer expect? What would the intern’s responsibilities be? Oh, yes, and give me your name, rank and serial number, Mr. Employer.

Aronovich had hired people for years, but this was a first. Ultimately, the applicant received an offer, mother or no mother.

“There is a first time for anything!” Aronovich exclaims. Who knows whether the applicant argued with his mother that a duo would be inappropriate? Who knows whether she convinced the employer that if she knew her stuff, her son could do the job?

Put your next employer over the edge in your interview. Just leave your mother at home.

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