Another way to level the playing field

January 29, 2013 

The liberals and President Obama's definition of a politically level playing field is taxing the rich and redistribution of wealth. Many of the rich that they want to tax did not have a level playing field, they just worked harder and took more chances than others.

My definition of a level playing field is, all immigrants come to this country legally and, if not, they are deported. Ballots in English only. No special rights for anyone regardless of race, religion (or lack of) or gender. All fathers, married or not, must support their children. Before a woman gets any government support, she must name the father of the baby. All must prove citizenship to vote. Only legal residents can receive government aid, and all abortions except for rape or incest must be paid for by the person receiving the abortion, not the taxpayer.

Either everyone pays taxes or no one does. All food grown or processed in another country and shipped here must be grown and processed by the same standards as food grown here. Looking at these lists, I realize what an easy decision it was to vote for Mitt Romney.


Los Banos

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