WorkWise BlogTip: Humor at work will show if you get it or not

culp@workwise.netJanuary 27, 2013 


Patrick McFadden is filled with tales about people at work, where communication opened up new perspective on the individuals involved (

For example, Uncle Joe really wanted to settle into the warehouse job that came on the heels of losing five jobs in four months. One day he got himself in trouble by damaging the loading dock by mistakenly driving the forklift off it. The owner was going to withhold ten percent of his wages to cover the $4,500 damage.

According to McFadden, his uncle remarked, “That's great! I've finally got job security!"

A man in a hospital bed was so covered with bandages that people couldn’t tell much about him. In a moment of curiosity McFadden asked how he earned his living. It turns out that he’d been a window washer. McFadden, noting past tense, asked when he left the occupation, to which, he says, the mate replied, "About halfway down."

A young man completed his job application with humor. McFadden reports that when asked “length of residence at permanent address,” the man inserted, “40 feet, not including the garage." Humor about work signifies that you get it, or you don’t.

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