Let sheriff's letter speak for itself

January 22, 2013 

BA Juliani Found 7

(BART AH YOU/bahyou@modbee.com) - A San Luis and Delta Mendota Water Authority worker found a body matching the description of missing 4 year old Juliani Cardenas in the Delta Mendota Canal in Santa Nella, Tuesday morning. Sheriff Adam Christianson gathered with the media for a press conference in front of the Patterson City Hall, Tuesday afternoon. February 1, 2011

BART AH YOU — Modesto Bee

In response to your Jan. 19 editorial, "Sheriff should enforce all laws, no matter what": You must not have read Sheriff Adam Christianson's letter to Joe Biden very closely. In fairness to our sheriff, you should print his letter and let the readers decide for themselves.

It is also apparent that our sheriff has read and understands the constitution of the United States, unlike so many elected officials that serve today.

No law enforcement officer should enforce all laws, no matter what, if that law is clearly unconstitutional!

The military is not required to obey unlawful orders or commands.

Please do not suppose that just because you do not think that this administration does not want to disarm Americans that it is not so. Dianne Feinstein and Joe Biden have both stated so in the past!

Furthermore, who gave you the authority to decide what "reasonable" limits on firearms and ammo are?

Few in the press even know from what end of the tube the round exits! Also be assured that I will continue to support our sheriff. He has kept his word, setting himself apart from the common politicians!



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