Stanislaus County sheriff's letter questioned

January 22, 2013 

BA Juliani Found 7

(BART AH YOU/ - A San Luis and Delta Mendota Water Authority worker found a body matching the description of missing 4 year old Juliani Cardenas in the Delta Mendota Canal in Santa Nella, Tuesday morning. Sheriff Adam Christianson gathered with the media for a press conference in front of the Patterson City Hall, Tuesday afternoon. February 1, 2011

BART AH YOU — Modesto Bee

In response to Jeff Jardine's Jan. 18 column: I've read Sheriff Adam Christianson's letter to Vice President (Joe) Biden.

While I admire the sheriff's passionate honesty, I must question his understanding of ordinary, everyday English. Where, in President Obama's gun control agenda, does it say the government is going to "take" guns away from citizens?

A policy designed to prevent someone from acquiring a certain kind of weapon is simply not the same thing as a policy designed to take that weapon away from someone who already lawfully owns it. This confusion is embraced and promoted by the National Rifle Association leadership, and Christianson is certainly one of their followers. When passions run feverishly high, confusion sets in.

What kinds of weapons, and how many of each, does the sheriff think a citizen has the right to own? Are there weapons a citizen shouldn't have the right to own? How do we decide? Don't we have an obligation to decide?

We have to ask and answer these questions, despite the NRA.



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