Don't blame BATs for Modesto's ills

January 14, 2013 

In response to "Modesto: Love it or leave it" (Jan. 4, Letters): The writer suggests, ignorantly, that 90 percent of Modesto's population brought "ugly" here from the Bay Area. Does she mean to say there was no ugly here until so-called BATs (Bay Area transplants) began their migration? Has she forgotten the south to north invasion from the border below San Diego?

Would she also prefer we who have now lived here more than a decade also take our economic contributions back to the Bay Area and leave Modesto indigent and dependent entirely on its own vanishing and outdated cultural profile?

She contradicts herself. She is not scared, but says Modesto is scary — like any other city. True. Problems here were raised as locally as the fruit and vegetables you can't buy at a roadside stands anymore.

Why doesn't she consider an upgrade and move to the Bay Area to see what that's like?



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