Who decides what we need?

January 13, 2013 

Now that gun control is again top of mind in the news, let's make sure those anti-gun folks basing their deep-felt desire against owning automatic weapons due to a "do not need" factor understand that we also do not need to own autos that can be driven over 75 mph.

More deaths occur due to excessive speed by licensed as well as unlicensed drivers than by gun owners. Logically, this misuse of driving privileges leads to a need to restrict the ability of all Americans to own autos that could be driven in excess of any posted speed limit.

Our government has done an outstanding job of enforcing the requirement that all car owners have and maintain insurance, so stopping specific firearm sales will be another success story.

I am sure anti-gun fanatics can show that we have successfully stopped excessive drug and alcohol abuse, along with illegal entry into this country, so let's add gun control and ownership to a list of laws that would only be enforced upon law-abiding citizens.



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